Market corrections and the Federal Reserve


We just had another correction! What’s happening? The answer lies in the broader macroeconomic environment. Let’s talk about what the Fed is doing, the consequences, and what this means for crypto.

What is sound money & how can crypto help?

Growth in productivity alongside hourly compensation since 1948. Clear divergence around 1970. Source:

The United States departed from sound money in 1971 (#wtfhappenedin1971). Sound money is important for economic activity and our departure from it causes profound issues. But, with crypto, the recovery of sound money is within our reach.

BTC & ETH look ready to make crypto fun in Q4

FOUR THOUSAND. Beeple, popular crypto & NFT artist. Source: Twitter.

So, what’s going on in crypto?

After months of uncertainty, bitcoin & ethereum look ready to lead the crypto market into a very fun Q4 of 2021.